The Havanese is considered an ideal family pet and a true companion dog. They are happy, clever, kind, and highly adaptable to almost any environment; their main desire is to be with their human companions. Toy in size only, the sturdy Havanese have a playful, friendly temperament. They are at home with young children and other pets, and are rarely shy or nervous around new people.
Havanese are true dogs, loving to play whenever the owner wants to. They calm down quickly when prompted to do so by their owners. They have excellent noses and are easily trained to play "find it," where the owner hides a treat and the Havanese sniffs it out until the treat is discovered. They are beautiful and highly trainable dogs who can learn human words and tricks quickly and easily.
Hybrid Benefits: Hybrid (crossbred) dogs have a far lower chance of exhibiting the disorders that might be found with the purebred parental breeds. Their genetic health will be substantially higher. These hybrids are non-shedding, jolly, intelligent, beautiful, of exceptional health and very affectionate.
Father, Purebred Havanese, Tuxedo Black Colouring (silvering gene).
Mother: 5/8 Shih Tzu, 3/8 Jack Russell Terrier, 1/8 Australian Silkie Terrier.
All pups come with a veterinarian's confirmation of excellent health, a year guarantee for healthy breeding/exceptional temperament, deworming, and a bell to hang on your door for your pup to ring when he/she would like to go out.
Immunization: The puppies will have received their first immunization. They will need a booster at 12 weeks of age.
Worming: The puppies are fully dewormed with Interceptor.
Feeding: The pups have been raised on NOW! grain free puppy formula. Your puppy will need puppy food for the first year of his/her life. Then you can switch to good quality adult dog food.
Fleas: ?Advantage? works really well and is very convenient. It can be purchased at a vet?s. Flea collars don?t work and are uncomfortable to wear. You do not need to deflea a puppy unless he/she has fleas.
Neuter: If you decide to neuter, your dog will enjoy a healthier life if they are not neutered until they are mature. A male dog can be neutered at around 7 months of age. As soon as he lifts his leg consistently to pee, he is old enough. A female can be neutered between 8 and 12 months, after her first heat.
I have done everything I can to raise healthy and happy Havanese Hybrids. I enjoy and greatly appreciate dogs. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to come and meet the puppies and their parents..
Wishing you and your family all the best in health and happiness!
Shelly Gilbert
Bachelor of Science, Biology, BCTC, NSTC
Photos: The last two photos are of the parents, Marigold and then Max (with his friend Lilly).