The black one is the one looking for a home. He is right around 7 months old (being fixed in October).

I would not recommend him if you plan on getting one for a small child as the are very skiddish and nervous. He is not the lovable, cuddlely kind. Really he isn't very friendly towards us.

I would really love to find him a home. He is the last one that I have and I was giving the litter a warm home, hating to see them outside in the cold, since October and one of my cats didn't really like them too much and stays away from the living room area where they are. This one being the only one left and needs to find a good permeant home.

If you have a questions please send an email or you phone number and we'll get in touch with you. Thank you and I hope you consider him plus being already FIXED it save you money, which is already nice .