This is beeing posted for someone else so I will do my best at explaing this.

With that being said.......... 5 kittens ar looking for a new home. They are all FIXED. There are all black and ones stripped. These Kittens were born outside but have been inside since October when they were fixed. They are sacred of people but are coming around slowly with the ones in the home. They would need some work to get them use to you. The one use to hiss all the time when you went near it, but it doesn't do that anymore. Like I had said, they would come around with some time.

So, if you have some love you wish to share with a scared little kitty or have a farm and need an new one in the barn please let me know and either the one who has them or I will get bakc to you with any questions you may have. Thanks and hope you consider one to add to your home or farm.